Building Strength With Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

In Fitness, Sports by Benjamin

Strength is the foundation for any sport specific task and the only way to increase strength is to stimulate muscle growth by performing regular strength training exercises. By doing specific exercises, each muscle group can be targeted to grow. For example, to increase the biceps muscle, exercises such as concentration curls, barbell curls and chin ups become part of the fitness routine. EMS by Wiemspro helps to build muscles by stimulating various muscle groups simultanously, providing the trainer to control the intensity of the strength training during each fitness routine.

How EMS Works The Muscles?

EMS unit simulates the contraction and relaxation of a muscle by sending electrical pulses to the targeted muscle area. This stimulation mimics the same cycles that occur when then the muscles are being exercised and it also helps to improve blood flow to the muscles, providing a catalyst for muscle growth.

The Wiemspro EMS unit has many features via the app to control the electrical pulses, with the ability to control the intensity and frequency providing users many options to setup up the fitness routine, even during warming up and recovery sessions.

Which muscle group does EMS activate?

Wiemspro EMS has a total of 12 pads located around the whole body to work 6 major muscle groups which are the chest, legs, abdomen, back, glutes and arms.

Get The Best Workout Of Your Life!

EMS has been proven to provide effective and efficient workouts. Suitable for individuals who has limited time, optimally doing a 20 minute workout each session for only twice a week.