Discover Wiemspro's Technology Packed
Electrical Muscle Stimulation System


Wireless Mobility

All your favourite exercises and sports are now better with wireless EMS tech. Go from weight machine to weight machine, kettlebells to cycling, dancing to high intensity training seamlessly as you get your muscles activated for strength, toning and weight loss. Enjoy full EMS freedom along with functional training.


Material Science

Different suits for different needs.  You have different shoes for running, dancing and football.  So would you use one type of suit for all your exercise goals? WIESMPro provides 3 types of suits to match your requirements:

  • Lithe Pro is so light that you will often forget its there – great for running.
  • Revolution Pro.  Heavy duty.  This suit will take heavy use with a smile.
  • Comfort Fit when you want to own your own suit –your own bit EMS Lycra to mouldto your body.

* Bonus: if you really like another type of suit in the market, you can use it too (just like you can use a different monitor with your home PC)


Personalised Controls

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise – maximum flexibility for trainers to control the depth, width, frequency and time of muscle activation. Zero in on your clients needs and impress them with greater results!


Training Templates

Automate your Program: focus on your clients with automated EMS controls.  Its so easy and effective. Improve your efficiency and reduce errors!

  • Check last training levels, highest training levels and even average training level.
  • Ramp up power function to make initial activation more comfortable
  • Ramp down power to better control at end of range of motion.  
  • Individualize muscle fibre activation (lower chronaxie for fast-twitch, higher chronaxie for slow-twitch fibre focus).  
  • Train different muscles separately.

Group Training

Get social with Burn more, Less Time. Up your energy and fun factor! Up to 12 people can train at same time with one trainer (all with individual settings)


Data Analysis

Full record of each session for review later. Find areas of improvement or what additional workouts need to be added or extended to maximize your training sessions.