Increase Endurance With Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

In Fitness, Sports by Benjamin

In sports such as running, triathlon, swimming or cycling, endurance is essential to provide the ability to be active for longer durations during the sporting activity. Endurance athletes not only need strength but also a high amount of oxygen to flow through the body as endurance sports rely primarily on oxidative (aerobic) metabolism for energy supply. Hence specific muscles and the ability to utilize a high amount of oxygen (also known as V02 Max) during sporting activities are crucial to improve endurance.

EMS Strength Training To Improve Endurance

As pace and power generated increases, we recruit more muscle fiber types. When we recruit the three types of muscle fibers , ST (slow twitch), FTa (intermediate fast twitch), and FTx (dedicated anaerobic fast twitch), we do it in order from ST, to ST plus FTa, and finally ST plus FTa and FTx. Up to our anaerobic threshold, ST and only a few of the FTa muscle fibers are recruited. Until the effort exceeds the anaerobic threshold, the majority of the FTa and the FTx muscle fibers are not recruited.

It turns out that regularly recruiting and training FTa and FTx shows greater improvement in VO2max than just training the aerobic ST muscle fibers. In order to maximize VO2max, an athlete must improve the aerobic capacity of both their slow and fast twitch muscle fibers.

Wiemspro EMS to Increase Endurance

Wiemspro EMS has preprogrammed templates that would enable the users to train the ST, FTa, and the FTx muscle fibers. These muscle fibers can be effectively trained with the  programs without as much stress as training above the anaerobic threshold. Single muscle groups can be effectively trained without stressing the whole body’s cardiovascular, muscular and structural systems. Being able to more easily fit this important muscle fiber training into a weekly routine pays huge dividends in increased strength and VO2max.