Quicker Recovery With Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS)

In Fitness, Recovery, Sports by Benjamin

Depending on the intensity of the workout or sporting activity, the muscles and joints would be put under a wide-ranging amount of stress, causing some swollen muscle tissues. The body would immediately try to repair these muscle soreness to reduce damage to the muscle tissues by increasing the blood flow to the affected areas. In the fitness and pro athletes world, this is known as recovery. Regularly repeating the workout or sporting activity at the same intensity ensures the muscle would no longer be sore.

Passive & Active Recovery

Passive recovery is the traditional method of recovery, where you would resting, “cooling down” or be performing light stretches to maintain a sufficient blood flow to the muscles to prevent small micro tears or even further damage to the muscles. Active recovery is where the body is stimulated to increase blood flow to the swollen or damaged muscles, enriching the muscle with the body’s healing mechanism to ensure faster recovery, enabling you to get back to your activity sooner rather than later. Once the muscles recover, you would be able to train harder and faster the next round!.

The increased blood flow to the muscles also helps to prevent lactic acid from building up, preventing muscle cramps which usually occurs when insufficient recovery is done after a strenuous exercise.

Wiemspro EMS & Active Recovery

The EMS unit activates the muscle by sending electrical pulses to the targeted muscle area. The activation of these muscles with low intensity actually helps to increase the blood flow to the muscles thus enhancing recovery. The Wiemspro EMS unit has many features via the app to control the electrical pulses, with the ability to control the intensity and frequency providing users many options to setup up the recovery routine.